Evil Divine

Women of the metal union join forces lml Well,that's me,greeck and crazy,a proud fan of Dio and a proud daydreamer.I love life,dragons,blue,psychos,red indians and much more.I want to live four lifes in one and to learn how to fly.My mind terrifies me.



hey girl <3!

  • 1.Favorite Metal sub-genre? i’ll say thrash.i started listening to thrash a little while ago(about one or two years ago) but i’m really psyched
  • 15.Serious or Humorous lyrics? absolutely serious lyrics.i will listen to humorous lyrics only when i wanna laugh my head off.i have to say that i appreciate humorous bands but i prefer lyrics about the destruction of the world or similar :-)                                                              thank youuuuu dave admirer ;-)

yaeehh!!!happy meal! they got the toy they always wanted!!!

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